The ring-necked pheasant is the most popular of our upland game birds.  Pheasant hunting at Maple Island is done under natural field conditions and is unexcelled anywhere.  Our gentle rolling fields and grassy swales provide abundant cover and feed for this wily bird.  You will find him as stong of wing and as swift in flight as any pheasant you have ever hunted.  


Grain fed since a day old, he is a magnificant bird and a delicious delight on the table.  Hunting pheasants behind our guides well trained dogs is a thrilling event for you and your guests.  Minnesota law currently allows you to hunt pheasants on a private licensed shooting preserve without a hunting license.


ISLAND CIRCLE SHOOTS:  An added attraction exclusive at MIHC is our Circle Shoots.  When the snow is too deep to hunt afield and our lakes freeze over, we continue to have pheasant shooting.  Our lake below the Clubhouse with its circular wooded island is made to order for Pheasant Pass shooting.  Twenty to thirty hunters form a circle around the island.  As the hunters walk clockwise around the island, pheasants are from time to time (and at uncertain intervals) released from its elevated center.  Towering over the treetops, these ringnecks soar over the hunters at heights and at speeds that challenge the very best of wingshots.  Until you have tried our "Circle Shoot" you have yet to learn how fast and how high a cock pheasant can travel.

PARTY:  Party for field shooting may consist of one to four hunters, one of whom must be a member, for each hunting area used.  Because of our large acreage and natural barriers, we are able to have more than one hunting party in the field at one time, and still insure the privacy of your own hunt.

RATES per bird change annually.  Minimum hunt per party is 10 bird minimum release.  Additional birds are available at the same price, no limit.  Individual members prepay for 25 birds as part of their membership fee, corporate members prepay for 100 birds.

GUIDES AND DOGS: An experienced guide and dog will be provided when requested with each party at $70 per half day per hunt.  Hunters may use their own dogs when well trained without extra charge.  Total number of upland birds released are to be paid for.  If more birds are brought to bag than are released, such additional birds are also to be paid for.  


PARTRIDGE HUNTING:  Chukar partridge get a high rating from our hunters.  He is unpredictable.  He can be counted on to fly fast when he leaves the ground and is one of the sportiest and most elusive targets found in the field today.  Hunting is done under normal field conditions with birds found in singles, doubles or i ncoveys.  On the table, the chukar partridge is tops.  Costs are determined by availability.

QUAIL:  The Bob White flight is fast and erratic.  There is nothing more thrilling in upland hunting than a covey rise of quail.  Our hunting is done in nthe fields of oat stubble, alfalfa and sorghum over stylish pointing dogs.  These brown bombers confound many a good shot.  Costs are determined by availability.

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Reservations for hunting parties MUST be made in advance.  They should be specific and as far in advance as possible.  Members ordering upland birds liberated and not canceling or appearing for a hunt will be billed for the birds liberated.  The farther in advance the reservations are made, the better the Club will be able to serve all its members and their guests.  Reservations will be made on a first come-first served basis.

All hunters must check in at the clubhouse, and are required by state law to sign the hunter's logbook.  Every hunter entering the field is required to wear adequate safety orange.  To protect the environment, we will again require that only steel shot be used in the field.

Just call Steve Grogan 651-439-3575 on any day between 8 AM and 8 PM.

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